Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wines, wines and more wines

Wines at The Wedding Stylist

Sometimes people do ask... what does a wedding planner bring to the plate? The obvious answers are - the planning, getting the wedding couple organised, sorting out the resources, finding the venues, etc...  

What makes a wedding planner more special, adding value to herself/himself? That answer to me is their network. With this, couples get discounts with vendors and whomever the planner works with. Isn't that what you, as a client would want? Having someone to do all the negotiating and helping to keep you within reasonable budget? 

The Reds
Today, I collected some wines for my client. They are holding an engagement party and wines have been a hot topic for weeks. What sort of wines, how many bottles, do they buy the wines from the venue or to get them separately? What is the corkage charge? We punched in some numbers and the answer was pretty obvious. 

1) Buy the wines separately
2) Negotiate a lower corkage charge
3) Save money

The Whites
At The Wedding Stylist, we work with a particular wine vendor and they are fantastic! We have worked with them for over a year, not just for weddings but for other events as well. Their selection is wide with imports ranging from New Zealand, Italy, Spain and many more. Having such a variety, there is only one way to go about picking the wines. The couple will be having a mini wine tasting session. They have ordered 18 different types of wines. I am not a wine connoisseur myself, but in this field, you do pick up some tips here and there. So, this weekend, I have been invited to join in this wine tasting session, let's just hope that I can still find my way home  after the many glasses of reds and whites.

Oh yes, if you are wondering... do couples get a reasonable discount? I can only say that most have been happy, some have been ecstatic and some have kept in touch with us, just to order more wines.