Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After the Engagement...

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So what does one do after being engaged? Most couples have no clue and to be honest, neither did I when I got engaged. So here are the top 5 steps on what you should do next.  

ONE: Pick a date
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This is extremely important as everything you plan is around this little number. You need to set the date so you can check if venues or vendors are available. 

Once you have a date, it makes planning the wedding real. You have a destination to go to and this is the start of your ride. 

With the growing diversity in the guest list, it is not uncommon to have people arriving from overseas. So, send a save-the-date notification, the earlier the better, giving your guests ample time to arrange traveling plans.

TWO: Have a head count
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Is it 100 or 200 or 500? Whatever the number, it is best to have an estimate before you set out your wedding budget. Which subsequently leads to booking the reception venue, ordering of stationary, catering numbers and so on. Yes, it can be daunting when doing a head count... concerns like - did you miss out anyone? should you invite your distant relative's partner whom you have never met? Should you invite children or is the wedding an all adult affair? You will answer these questions as you move along, the idea is to have an estimate first. 

THREE: Choose a theme
Themes come in many different types. And the best way to decide is based on how you want the wedding to look and of course, the cake, deco and stationary will follow. 

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Some popular themes:
Traditional - Think classic white weddings, church ceremony, princess dress, cathedral veil, etc.

Colour - the use of colours can make up the ambience. Such as white and sky blue gives a very boathouse/beach feel to the wedding, green and ice pink could portray a garden tea party feel... colour themes extend out to the outfit of the wedding party and sometimes, even the cocktail drinks!

Destination - get married in an exotic location with your closest family and friends, then head off to your honeymoon straight after! Sounds good doesn't it?

Nostalgic - bring on vintage, art deco with chandeliers, a masquerade party with feathers and masks, or a 1950s rock and roll theme for everyone to put on their dancing shoes.

Personal - this could play with the couple's hobbies, where they first met, maybe their lifestyle from high society to the causal modern chic couple. 

FOUR: Hold on
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Juggling inter family tensions or any sort of tensions will be expected. Hold on!! Best way is to talk to key people within your family or friends, particularly someone respected whom might be able to help you. You do not want to be in the middle of drama when it is a week before your wedding. Try not to let difficult people get you down, but instead think of it as part of organizing a family celebration! 

FIVE: Start gown hunting
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This is the fun part! But before you head off to the shops, do a little research first. FLip though magazines to see what design details catches your eye. Always keep an open mind as you never know what will suit you. Once you have seen a good few magazines, your style will slowly emerge and you will have a better idea of what type of dresses you like and you can begin the hunt!