Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delight Me with Shoes

Taken by Aloysius, 39 East
I was with a bride for her fitting yesterday and it was the first time I got a peek at her gowns. Each dress she had chosen suited her personality seamlessly and were of great taste. She is funny, witty, friendly and just a laugh to be with. So her dresses, like her, were full of life and strong in colour. Being unconventional, she mentioned that the colour of her shoes were going to be black!
Source: Abby Larson

Gone are the days when the bride wears white from "Head to Toe" (as Tyra Banks might say), these days, brides have become bolder, more fun and they know what they want. Especially when it comes to shoes, there is an increasing trend for the modern bride to wear a strong attractive colour. A perfect pair of shoes is something that you can wear again and again, and have people notice them all the time!

Source: Studio 28

You can play with the material and the design of shoes. Satin, velvet, patent and leather are very suitable with a wedding theme, just make sure you season them before your big day to prevent blisters. Louder accessories like gem stones, crystals, ribbons and other trimmings on shoes add personality to your outfit. So don't just go for the first pair of white shoes you see at the boutique, try on something different and have a fun picture taken with them!