Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our all time favourites

We love wedding dress shopping. Especially when our clients are as excited as us and are willing to try on as many dresses as it takes to find the perfect one. 

Like most wedding planners and brides, we have our favourite international designers that give us inspiration and ours consist of the above. If you can afford the best, have the best. If not, there are always good alternatives like J Crew. Here at home, it can sometimes be quite limited. Most bridal shops are... well.... packaged bridal shops. They rent you the dress typically 10 times your mass , throw in the photographer and include the flowers. But doesn't that take away the fun? We are traditionalist, the dress should be worn for the first time by you, fit perfectly for you and only you. Nothing off the rack and nothing worn by 20 other brides before you. The dress is sacred, something intimate between you and your body. 

We usually advice our brides to make that special dress from scratch if possible, so it truly belongs to you and showcases your real personality. It is so important to find a designer you click with, a designer that understands what you are looking for, is attentive to details and works with you all the way.