Monday, November 22, 2010

Simply Perfect

We have been so busy that it took us some time to post up this wedding. Small and intimate of about 150 guests, the wedding was held in a little restaurant consisting of an outdoor area where the ceremony was held, followed by a cosy evening reception. 

I love small weddings which are attended by family and friends. Just like in this one, everyone knew each other and most of the evening was filled with bursts of laughter, hugs, smiles and just plain happiness (plus good food and fine wine!!).  

This wedding is definitely one of our all time favorites. Not only was the decoration and venue beautiful, the people involved in the event made the wedding more special. An old time friend of the bride and groom flew back from the UK, where he lives just to take on the role of the emcee. His speech was light-hearted and filled with joyous stories about the couple. The bride and her friends did some DIY and they personally made the favors themselves using pastel coloured paper clips and handmade magnets. The favors also acted like a place card which was very clever. 


The wedding theme was pink and each table was dotted with small square pots of pink eustomas, pink drops and some greens. Simple and sweet. The cupcakes were a HOT favorite. Placed perfectly on a 4 tier cake stand, each cupcake was designed individually with different shades of pink flower icing. They were later packed into little boxes for the guests to take for as a mid-night snack! 

When the evening came to an end, the couple told everyone to take home the little pots of flowers as yet another gift. A very thoughtful present as I took home two myself (with permission, of course) and have been using them as tea light holders. 

A lot of wedding couples think that you need to spend a fortune to create a dream wedding. But honestly, simplicity can sometimes be the true gift to the perfect wedding.