Saturday, March 26, 2011

Themes (Part 2)- French Black

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The french are famous for their food, their fashion and everything good in life. C'est la vie! Inspired by the good life, we created a French Black theme with a classic finish. Here are some fabulous pictures which 39 East took of our work. 

Stationary with dropped chandeliers, a "shot" of dark chocolate for favors and feathers for deco.
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Source: See credits

We had so much fun with the photoshoot and at the end of a long day, we took some team shots just for amusement. If you want to know who we are or what we look like, ta-dah! 

From Left: Melissa, Ned, Pauline, Caroline, Janice, Davin, Aloysius, Eng Hong

Just another shot to show you how nutty everyone is!!
We have thanked and thanked the usual suspects so why not again?! 

Special thanks (Again!) to:
Photographers: Aloysius, Eng Hong and Ned from 39 East
Dresses: Ee-Lyn from We Love Yu
Stationary: Our talented Pauline Cheong 
Space and furniture: Melissa Wang from Wonderland
Models: Janice and Davin Leong

The Wedding Stylist Team
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