Thursday, March 3, 2011

Behind the scenes - Photoshoot

February was a busy month with a wedding for 500 people and a photoshoot partnered with our favorite teams - 39 East for photography, We Love Yu for dresses and Wonderland for their warehouse and furniture. 

We took some behind the scene shots and uploaded them to share with you. 

The Wedding Stylist Team
Wedding Planners Singapore

Towering Model: Iga Drobisz with Ee-Lyn and 39East

Eng Hong trying to find the best position 

Best position found!!

39 East snapping away
We cannot wait to post the photos when they are ready (2 weeks, fingers crossed). The photoshoot revolved around 2 themes, a happy candy coloured theme and a modern black and white theme. We shall not burst the bubble by saying more so here are just a couple more pictures to show you what we did. 

Note: we brought in 11 boxes of props! 

Iga getting ready

Models playing the part