Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guess what we found - Vintage typewriter

Source: The Wedding Stylist

It was right under our noses all this time! We have been in search for a vintage typewriter since september last year but could not find a suitable one. There were lots in the market - small ones, big ones, un-usable ones, refurbished ones, coloured ones and black ones. To be honest, we were undecided... 

Until, we found this little gem in the storeroom of Caroline's parents home. Surprise surprise... it belonged to her grandfather, kept in a grey suitcase-like cover. A little rusty but in usable, tip-top condition. Of course, none of us knew how to work it, but we will soon figure it out! It is currently being refurbished and we are thinking of adding perhaps a little dash of colour to bring back life to this forgotten treasure. A new mission - to type wedding wishes for our couples! 

If you are wondering what part in a wedding does a typewriter have, look at these pictures. Voila! 

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Source: Junebugs weddings

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