Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Themes (Part 1) - Whimsical Pastels

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs
Finding your theme can be quite a challenge. And it is just because there are so many to choose from. The easiest to start with is probably using colour themes. So you find a few hues and put them together through your deco, flowers, outfits, stationary and such. 

When considering more elaborate themes, you pick the style you like and fit the colours into that. It can start from deciding on an era such as 60's vintage or a venue influenced theme like a spring garden, shanghai red, mad-hatters and so much more. These ones play around more with creating a character around the wedding and are always more dramatic and interesting. 

In the spirit of themes, we played around with 2 contrasting effects - Whimsical Pastels (Part 1) and French Black (Part 2). 

Whimsical Pastels
Pastels are a combination of pretty colours and as we styled the settings, we could not help but throw in some pom poms, butterflies and gold to create a whimsical theme. 

Source: Refer to Credits
Source: Refer to Credits
Whimsical themes are for the fun, playful and quaint couple. 
So before deciding on your theme, have a think about who you both are, characters, hobbies, loves and un-loves. Your theme will surface from there...

Special thanks to:
a)39 East for photography
b)Ee-Lyn from We love Yu for dresses
c)Melissa Wang from Wonderland for the Space and furniture
d)Pauline Cheong (The Wedding Stylist) for stationary

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