Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Series - The Theme...

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Here's a little update with what is new at The Wedding Stylist. We have an intern, and that's me!

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa and I will be interning at The Wedding Stylist for the coming months. Caroline has asked me to help contribute to this blog as a guest blogger and so here I am!

Planning a wedding is a massive task, potentially confusing and frustrating for our busy brides and grooms-to-be. Previously, we have posted a list of Top 5 "To-Dos" for our newly engaged couples - After the Engagement....

Here, we elaborate further on what is likely the most important aspect in the coordination of a wedding - The Theme. Below is the first part to some of our guidelines and suggestions on how a theme may be derived upon.
Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Deciding on the colour scheme may be the simplest way to start in brainstorming for a theme. A simple wedding, perhaps a traditional one with nothing fancy, can look pretty impressive with just a simple coordination of colours.

As a rule of thumb, there should be three or four colours (with perhaps one contrasting colour) in the wedding's colour palette. Remember, even in a traditional "white" wedding, white would not be the only colour.

Think carefully about the compatibility of the colours chosen. Knowing the various established colour scheme theories, such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary and triadic, can help you go a long way in developing a colour theme that looks good. Start out with a colour which is your favourite, and then develop your wedding's colour palette from there using the various colour scheme theories into something that strikes your fancy. Alternatively, take note of the colours incorporated in the photos of wedding that you like, and develop your colour scheme from there.

For more information on the various colour scheme theories, you may refer to sites such as For ready-made palettes, offers an interactive and fun tool that allow the drawing of colours into a particular colour scheme. For the more visual couples, Anastasiamarie is another great source of inspiration for colour palettes.

Certain colour combinations are also reminiscent of specific themes such as "Winter", "Underwater", or even "Alice in Wonderland". Developing the theme further along those lines may help in making your wedding more interesting as well. In the next post of the series, we shall elaborate more developing your theme along other lines, such as your hobby, memories, favourite things and places, and even your beliefs.

Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs