Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to DIY Fabric Flowers

We recently posted up some pictures of the fabric flowers project and have had a number of people asking how to make them. 
So, here are some easy peasy steps:

1) You will need a pair of scissors, needles, thread and assorted ribbons. For this exercise, we used a 2 inch thick ribbon.

b) Cut the ribbon into 9-10 inches long strips. Obviously, if you are using thinner ribbons like a half inch , you will need cut the ribbons shorter to 4 inch strips.

c) Thread the needle and tie a dead knot at the end. Start to run the thread through the edge of the ribbon strip.

d) As you move the needle along the ribbon, try and gather the fabric at the same time.

e) When the needle reaches the end of the ribbon, tighten the gathers so the ribbon forms a circle and put the ends of the ribbon together.

f) Sew up the ends.

g) Done! You can do them in different ribbon material and insert the smaller flowers in the middle of the larger ones to create more colour contrasts. 

Use them as corsages, hair accessories or even a hand bouquet!

The Wedding Stylist Team