Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black, White and Airplanes

We love intimate weddings and every time we get a chance to plan one, we try to make the touches unforgettable. 

Our first wedding of 2012 was very special because everything about it was different. Stef and Sam met over a bottle (or a few bottles) of wine in the UK while Sam was studying there. They fell in love, dated, decided to tie the knot and we were hired. 

In our first meeting, we chatted about venues and were told that hotels were a big no-no... We decided that a "blank canvas" type of venue would make their wedding unique to them and would also allow us to play with tons of ideas. 

During our hunt, we stumbled upon Monu@Numo and booked it! We fell in love with the full length glass windows, black and white interior and the fact that it had absolutely nothing! 

The day was split into 2 events: wedding ceremony at the Armenian Church of Singapore and the evening reception/dinner at Monu. 

Here are some pictures below!

The Wedding Stylist Team

Photos from the morning

Church theme: Blue and White

Handmade ring pillow

Set up shots for the evening

Paper airplane escort cards were used to help the guests find their tables

Tables were named after each country the couple travelled to together

Cake-in-a-jar specially designed and made for the wedding - YUMS!

a) Floorplan layout in a frame, lounge chairs behind for the after party, b) Welcome area for the reception

Plane a wish: Guests wrote their wishes on paper and folded them into a plane

Shots of the evening

Shili, Adi and Shawn

Dessert Bar for the night decorated with black and white pom poms

Cutest cake topper to-date

Private moment before the evening ended

Special thanks to:
1) Aloysius from 39 East
2) The team from Wonderland for the tiffany chairs and tables
3) Marmalade for the food and their brilliant service crew
4) Caterpillar by Secret Garden for the church flowers (day)
5) Cclee for the lovely flowers (evening)
6) Ee-Lyn for the bridal and evening gowns
7) Joanna Koh for hair and make up
8) Butterflies and Cakes for the drapes and lanterns
9) Shili, Adi and Shawn for music