Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CHIJMES for Two Hundred

Long tables in a chapel - location, Singapore!!
When we first met Hsueh Wei and Minh, it was pretty obvious that these two were meant for each other and madly in love... Why? They drank, they partied, they had fun but mostly, they respected each other, completed one another's sentences and were always on each other's side. We like! 

Throughout the course of the planning, we were reminded of one simple instruction and that was to make their wedding fun, modern, unique and oh... no hotels! YAY!

We were lucky to have secured CHIJMES as the venue and that gave us enough space to incorporate a mixture of long and round tables, have a decent sized dance floor and an outdoor space for cocktails. The colour theme was black, navy blue and red - quite adventurous isn't it?

As we brainstormed for their wedding, we threw them a few ideas. One in particular was to bring in various scented oils so their guests could mix them up, creating their own perfume, bottle it and take them home as favors. Minh's response was immediate - No, our guests would drink it!

In that spirit, we got them small bottles of vodka, Russian Standard, with a tag saying "do not drink me yet" which were used for the toast.

Designing the set up was interesting and since we wanted to embrace the beauty of CHIJMES, decorations were kept simple but sharp. Red flowers like roses and calla lilies were used, together with antique green hydrangeas to contrast the white walls. Navy blue, black and grey ribbons were used to create table runners, and 2 large vases were filled with long tall leaves to mark the start of the aisle - inspired only by PS cafe!

Here are some moments, captured by Aloysius/39 East. 

Some set up shots
Start of set up

Wishing cards on our wishing tree
Lovely combination of flowers, ribbon runners and candles
Long tables

Top view

Some evening event shots

Cocktails in the lawn

Caught in a precious moment 

Shili and Adi doing their magic again

And the toast! 
More of it...

Goodnight everyone...
Special thanks to:
1) Aloysius from 39 East for the photos
2) Amor Meus for the bridal and evening gowns
3) Marmalade for their glorious food
4) Cclee for the lovely flowers 
5) Wonderland for the tiffany chairs and tables
6) Joanna Koh for hair and make up