Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Botanics Affair

Planning a wedding with an outdoor element requires 30% skill and 70% luck (just for good weather)! There are wet weather plans which could be put in place... but who wants a tent in the middle of the orchid garden right?

We had the pleasure of planning Sue-Lynn's and Pierre-Paul's wedding held last month. They met 4ish years ago when Sue-Lynn was living in Paris and just shortly after she returned to Singapore, Pierre-Paul decided to pack his own bags and move here with her! When you hear their story, you can't help but go "awwwwwwww"....

The evening events were our favorite part of the celebration. They had cocktails and canap├ęs on the lawn, followed by the solemnization ceremony and dinner on the 2nd level of Burkill Hall. If you have been to Burkill Hall, you know that it comes only as a venue... no chairs, no tables, no air-con....nothing.... But it does come with plenty of charm and natural beauty. So, all you need is a touch of colour, good food, lots of alcohol and fantastic company. 

We have been to many weddings but this wedding was somewhat different. With 140 guests, the couple personally knew every guest invited so the evening was filled with warmth, laughter and alot of entertainment! It was probably the loudest wedding we have ever had, literally. Oh, did we mention that the champagne, wines and dragee were air freighted from france and it was gooood.....? 

Special thanks to:
a) Aloysius and Stephanie from 39 East
b) The team from Wonderland for chairs and tables
c) Marmalade for food and their fabulous service crew
d) Flowers from Love Droplets
e) Pauline for her stationary designs
f) Louis from Amour Meus for the Cheong Sum
g) Lynn Wee Couture for the Wedding Dress
h) Joanna Koh for hair and make up 

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment, compliments of 39 East...

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