Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A proposal... finally!

How many of us have waited the longest time for a proposal? Some have it lucky while others are just still waiting... Take it from me, I waited a nice 8 years before the question popped. No bended knee, no flowers, no sweet whispers, just 1 ring and to be honest, our dog did most of the work. I am sure now you know how that went...!!

So since I had the ultimate, no fuss, hardly romantic proposal, I get very excited when want-to-be grooms come along seeking help to create that special proposal. 

Mid this year, we had the wonderful pleasure of planning Hua Wei's proposal to Tania. It was good timing since her birthday was coming up and lots of excuses were used during the preparation time. All he had to do was get the ring, memorize his words, look cool and smile for the cameras! 

La Villa is one of Tania's favourite restaurants and the proposal was carried out in a candle illuminated area just under the large tree by the outdoor bar. Her closest friends and family were invited to celebrate her birthday and witness one of the biggest moments in her life. A table of 30 people was set up based on a garden theme with gold/silver balloons incorporated into the deco. It was after all her birthday party, not to mention - she loves balloons... We used a selection of different jars and vases, paper dollies, tea lights and her favorite flowers (hydrangeas + peonies) for the table setting. Here are some of what I think are the best photos from the night. And if you were wondering, yes, a photographer(Ned from 39 East, photo credit)was there too! 

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