Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Less is MORE...

Source: Amanda Hein Photography
The Big, Bold and Beautiful may not be everyone's cup of tea...Sometimes, less is more and also, great for the budget. Lots of brides are having fun doing DIY projects for their weddings. Get a few galfriends together, take out the arts and crafts stash and off you go!

Doing Simple, Subtle and Seductive decorations for your wedding can be messy if you have no palette theme in mind. So here are some ideas which we know are do-able and ever so pretty! 

Source: Ashley Forrette Photography
Source: Kio Creations
Source: Amanda Hein Photography
Source: Liz Banfield 
Source: Lara Kimmerer
Source: Amanda Thiessen Photography 
Source: Bluephoto Wedding Photography
Source: Justin and Mary 
Source: Justin and Mary
Source: Justin and Mary
The Wedding Stylist Team