Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Are there rules to follow after he pops the question? You are flustered, excited, happy and overwhelmed at the same time. You want to share the news with the world but who to start with?

For me, getting engaged is the start of a bride's adventure. Quickly scan the names of the people most important to you and start pressing that dial pad to your closest family and friends. Being engaged calls for a celebration. These days, most couples do this by throwing an engagement party.

Etiquette Update

  1. Hold your party shortly after being engaged. Preferably within than 6 months after he popped the question. 
  2. Most people who are invited to your engagement party will naturally assume they are invited to your wedding. So take note and if they are not, be sure to make it clear from the start.
  3. Have a rough idea of when you plan to get married for this is one question that will be recirculating at the party.
  4. Be prepared to share the story of how he popped the question and this is the right time to show off your "bling".
  5. It is not expected of guests to bring gifts to an engagement party but some guests may insist.
  6. The couple may want to give a toast or speech to thank everyone.
  7. The couple may also take this opportunity to introduce the wedding party (people participating in the wedding such as the groomsmen, bridesmaids, father of the bride, etc).
Whether or not the party is a formal sit down dinner at the fullerton or a casual sunday bbq by east coast beach, you be sure to enjoy yourself and have fun with those close to your heart. 
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